Research Methodology

Research Methodology

A)   Acquire a sufficient understanding of the client’s company and the position to be fulfilled

It is vital that E.D.C. understands the history, the structure, the activities and the culture of its client’s company

  • firstly, in order to look for an adapted solution for each specific situation met
  • Secondly, to present the company in a realistic and attractive way to identified candidates.

This knowledge is obtained through the interview(s) we will lead with the members of the principal team; particularly those who are in touch with the holder of the position to be fulfilled.


B)   Establish a profile

The specifications of the position are established in consideration of the elements of information collected during the interview(s) and the definition of the existing position of our client.

The specifications of the position place this latter in the general context of the company (historic, activities, evolution, structure).

These specifications describe at a minimum:

  • the hierarchical and functional relations within the company
  • responsibilities and specific tasks
  • candidate specifications and the experience required for the position
  • personal qualities
  • the elements of remuneration

The information should be reviewed by the client and serve as a reference for the search and evaluation of the future candidates.

C)   Identification of candidates

An intensive search is led by E.D.C. in order to identify the persons whose qualifications are the closest to the established requirements.

E.D.C. starts with a systematic and confidential investigation in the sectors of the appropriate companies in order to find professionals recognized for their successes and filling the criteria’s. At the end of this process, a sufficient number of qualified candidates must be identified in order to compare and evaluate.

In addition to “direct search” we will match the profile with our database and our network of contacts (sourcing).

The identification and the approach of the candidates occur on a professional and confidential manner.
Those who show the best qualities and interest/motivation will be part of the “long list”.


D)   Evaluation of candidates

Thorough interviews are conducted with the candidates retained in order to have more concise information on their professional results, their strengths and weaknesses, technical expertise, their personalities and potential, their motivation for the position and the company.

This will result in a “short list”.

During the search procedure, we keep, on a weekly basis, our client informed of the progress of the search, either by telephone, mail or during face-to-face meetings.


E) Professional references

We verify, as much as possible, the information that is communicated by candidates. In terms of professional experience, our practice is to gather by ourselves and directly, the advice of persons that are in a position to appreciate the performance of the selected candidate.


F) Presentation of qualified candidates

The evaluation of the profile in comparison with the detailed requirements of the position will be presented with objectivity in a confidential file for each candidate that we recommended the client should meet.

This report encloses also the civil status, education and professional experience as well as information regarding remuneration and eventual availibility.


G) Follow-up of the candidate integration

E.D.C. remains in contact with the recruited candidate after starting to work at our client’s company and this to ensure a good integration. The candidate will be interviewed after 1, 3 and 6 months. The goal is to help the candidate with his integration within his new work environment.

In case of issues we will, together with management, look for solutions.

Dedicated to help you find the right talents

Dedicated to help you find the right talents